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Xfx Rx480 cant get past 22 mh/s

This was discussed a lot but i tried almost everything and nothing…cant get more than 22.5 mhs

I have moded bios with one click timings.
Did all kinds of overclock and hashrate only goes DOWN!

Tried bios pcie gen changes

And all bios files i could find on techpowerup website.

The higher i set core or memory clocks less the hashrate is. Maybe i im doing something wrong?

Its xfx rx480 black edition 8 gb

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hi ,
Post picture with your OC settings… to help you out if you mining ETH…

Yes im mining eth on hiveon pool. This are my settings right now. I set the memory clock this low coz if i go any higher hashrate goes down to 20-21…this are only memory where im getting 22.5 mhs

I have also tried lots of oc presets that are here


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core clock 1100 or 1150 core voltage 850 or 900
Memory clock 2100 or 2150
Ref value like u did (30)
Fan (it depends) begining with 60% or 70%

i have entered your values and as i said hashrate gone down from 22.40 to 21.54…

How is the connection to this card (riser with 6 pin power connection) ?

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right now its on motherboard in the main wide pcie slot as i run other cards on other system and this card is the only card on this mobo.
but i have tried it in other rig and with raisers…

all my other 12 cards are rx580 and all of them runin on 30-32 mhs… its the only rx480 i have. i had this card in the same rig with 580s…all cards were 30-32 mhs but this, which still was 22mhs…
i even had other 580 card inserted in the slot where 480 was and it was running ok…

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So i think your problem is the card… do have change the bios file? (u wrote above YES) do u have the stock bios from this card?

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no i dont have the stock bios. i got this card used and moded … i searched all over internet and only bios i found for XFX rx480 black edition was on techpowerup website…

yeah i think it might be bios…

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yes …i think its a bios … write me your exact model of your card … and what type of memory has (samsung - micron - hynix )…

I found this … AMD Radeon RX 480 Video Card Successfully Flashed to RX 580 | eTeknix
if u wand to do make a backup first of all of your card… and then cross your fingers and do it!!!
This bios file from tech has also samsung memory (flash it ) and if plays then go to polaris edition and flash it again… May the force be with you!!!

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thats really funny))) its really does work and hashrate is up to 30.32mhs.

without polaris patch it was 24 mhs and then 30mhs.

only thing is it needs propper OC settings as temps are bit high…

nanial thank you for your help, tbh i didnt expected this to work but as it is said in the article my card also have dual bios so i gave it a try right away.

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This is great news …!!! well done!!!


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