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XFX RX 580 - Fans are acting weird after changing it to new ones

Hello guys, my amd rig has 3 XFX RX 580 and I had to change all the fans for the 3 cards. But then, the temps and the fans are been very high (both on temps and in speed)

Aftermarket coolers, exact same model from the older ones, this is what everyone is using (and from a good seller)… Everything is correct (i’m a experienced pc builder), noctua thermal paste (I checked if it’s properly making contact with the die and it is)…

I even tried using washers on the 4 main heatsink screws to see if the contact pressure gets better and same results :frowning:

Look at how my other ASRock 580 is much cooler at the same rig with very smaller heatsink…

Any ideas? Do I need to reset anything or something like this?

60c i temp is well under control.

You can change target temp, min max fan speed etc top right on the screen.
all under 72c is good and stable for mining.

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