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XFX RX 5700 xt triple dissipation original bios

Hi guys, it’s my first ever post here so bear with me. i was trying to flash a series of XFX RX 5700 xt triple dissipation to their original rom, but i lost the bios file and can’t find anything on the internet.
the card has 2 bios mode so, i hoped someone who has the original bios, can help me here.
the serial for the cards are the same as: RX-57XT83 V2.0
can anyone help me get these files?

have you checked techpowerup? if you cant find the exact model on there you can use a bios from a similar one (xfx)


there are some other models bios there, but i don’t think using another card bios would be wise, even if it is the same brand. if that was the case i would’ve used the the bios that already is installed on the cards.

you have a physical bios switch so no harm in testing. typically the only differences for amd cards such as yours are boost clock and fan curves. using a similar bios from a 3 fan card should have similar if not identical clocks and curves.

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the problem is, the other side of the switch is moded as well and most of the cards usually end up with BSOD before i could do anything in windows.
About other models, there are a few of them and the 3 fan ones, don’t have the same clock or fan curve and i think the with the information that i got from searching in the net, doesn’t have the same voltage or power usage. some of the model are 230 watt and some have 180 watt and the company has used different bios to lower their heat problem consistently. so i can’t trust that to be helpful.

sounds like anything would be an improvement from where you’re at now if its unusable. you can flash a lower tdp bios if youre worried about flashing a higher than stock one and the cooler not being able to keep up

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true, but i want to figure out what went wrong! that’s why i want to reinstall the original bios and make sure, it’s not the cards problem. i figured i could easily get the original bios here.

Ok, i found these files posted by someone in techpowerup forum, i just don’t trust them!!

is there any way of finding out that these files are legit and not tempered with?

Only if you have the original bios to compare it to.

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are u trolling me… :sweat_smile: