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XFX RX 5700 XT & Asus b250 Mining Expert

Hello! I try to put my card into pcie and motherboard see it with error (on red) , same problem with riser…
What am i doing wrong?
Motherboard plug in in one power supply with the riser , gpu in other .
Thank You !

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Did you plug in the power cable for the graphics cards and the power for the riser? You’ll also need to plug power into the CPU and put ram on the motherboard (4gb)

I’ve got the same problem. CPU is powered, riser is powered w/ 6 pin, card powered with 6+2 pin, memory is installed, operating system is installed.

I think you have to use beta hive os image for 5700

For sure. Beta for navis

Does anyone have the 6800’s working in HiveOS yet?

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Hello all, I am new to mining so excuse me if I don’t know everything. I am just looking for some advice on Asus B250 MINING EXPERT motherboard. I was checking their website and some forums but couldn’t fine any useful information. I currently have 4 x RX 5700 XT. Checked the Asus website for more info on what cards can be used with this MB but got confused with the info. My question is can I use my RX 5700 cards with this MB? I read that you need to use some specific mining cards along with others to make it work. Is that true? Sorry if that topic has already been discussed but I couldn’t fine any info.

Yes, you can.