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XFX RX 570 8gb original gaming bios micron memory

Hello, I have a XFX RX 570 8gb with micron memory, dual bios and I need the original bios since I’m gonna use it for gaming, I’m especially looking for the gaming bios, the gaming bios is with the switch on the right side towards the power connectors, the person I got it from modified both bioses and of course didn’t bother to flash the original bios back when he sold it to me. I would greatly appreciate it if somebody has it and could send it to me, I already checked the bioses on TechPowerUp, they are not good, I’m gonna atach a picture with the card model.

Edit later: I got the bioses from XFX support and now it works perfectly, if somebody needs them message me.

hello, can you send me bios from xfx. thank you very much…

Hey there!
Please show you gaming bios from Jumble Solver. Thanks

Show you Jumble answers bios from game.

hola me podras pasar la bios original muchas gracias. [email protected]