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XFX RX 570 8gb dual bios

Just added a Radeon XFX RX 570 8gb to my small farm and was wondering if I really needed to bios mod it. It has the dual bios switch and when I installed it, I switched it over to mining mode. Plugged it in to my Hive and out of the box I got 29.59 with my existing settings on RX 570s I had. I never did anything other than plug it in. I have adjusted it in hive a little and now hashing 30.47 with no issues other than to me it seems a little warmer than the other cards. Showing on hive to be drawing 85w. Just mining Ethash right now. Should I just leave it alone?

if it is mining between 28-31 u r good to do
just watch the heat
the lower degree & the lower fan speed, the better for the card to live
60c~ is good
70s is not good much

good fan speed 60%-65%

Thanks. Yeah I’m staying pretty much at 65-69c with about 47% fan getting 30.4 mhs and thats without the a/c going yet. Card does run a little warmer than my other RX570s so I might go ahead and flash it to see if it changes it much.

hi, I have the same gpus. but for me with stock bios hashrate is 28,51.
what position of the switch is for mining (left or right).
I get 28,54 when the switch is on the left. If i turn it to the right (to the side that the power cable is attached), i get a 23 hashrate.

My same card settings without any VBIOS mod…
Running @ 80 watts with 28.74MH