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XFX Raw II No overclock

I have several XFX RAW II Gpu’s. One of these with the samsung memory refuses to take any overclocking at all. It also will not work if the power is set below 125/130w. I have a second that when installed creates a condition where the rig will not boot. Anybody got any ideas for me? I would happily pay someone for the bios to be made with the memory straps and OC that I have seen in other strings on the forum. I am hoping that I do not have a couple of dead or dying cards. They are only 6 months old, and I run modest OC on my cards. Please ignore the mem temp on the last card. It says it is an XFX but it is a MSI Mech.

I also have ROG’s XFX Ultra’s and one nitro plus I would like to get modified bios for. Thanks for any and all the help!

I recommend learning how to mod the bios yourself. There are lots of guides online, and it’s really not too complicated. You never know what someone could put into your bios and crash your cards.

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