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XFX Cards Hot and strange behaviour

Hi guys,
i get a bunch of XFX Cards. Black Edition, XXX and GTS

what i first realized that the cards get very quick hot with the stock Bios and that they turn of realy quick.
I flashed the Bios with new timing straps and put new termal paste to the cards. However i had to set down “HiveOS Autofan” down to 67 C°. What i was also wondering about that the XXX (wich is the flagship gaming OC Card) performs worse that the normal Black Edition cards.

The Memory in all XFX is Samsung K4G80325FB same as in the Saphire Nitro+. The Nitro+ i can set the Memoy Timing to 2150 easily at every card. Some much higher. The XFX`s just run at 2030 stable. Is there a trick or anything special to this XFX GPUs? I mean it is the same memory. So why the hack does this cards perform so bad on Overclocking.

I am lucky to any tip or advice to XFX Cards.
Looking foeward to hear your experience with this GPU`s

Thank you very much.


i have a XFX GTS i think is samsung modded with one click timing soft the oc bios(not silent) and my oc setting are 1150 core dpm 1 vdd 850 mem 2050 mdpm 1 ref 30… 31.* mh/s 66 celsius fan 40 % phoenix miner

“Not Silent Mode” sounds interesting.
This means switch away (oposute side) from the VGA connectors?
May be this was my fault at the GTS cards cause i run my Saphire at silent mode.


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