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XFX 580 8gb thermal pads Issue

i have 2 xfx 580 8gb cards, i am using it for mining ethereum, with passage of time my cards temperature increased and reached 70 degree so i decided to change the thermal paste and pads.
attaching pic of thermal paste and pads pic that i used

But after changing thermal paste and pads when i started the rig, my card goes to 75 and 84 within 25 seconds, so i turned it off. i dont understand why its happening.
I changed the pads and paste before on many other cards like gigabyte and sapphire 580 and it went successful.

Note: i used 1.5mm pads on memory then i also tried 2.0 mm pad, result went same for both gpu cards

Thermal pads have no impact on the core temp. Likely poor die contact causing the high temps.

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