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XFX 5700 XT Ultra Thicc 3 one Card too hot Temperature

Hey :slight_smile: i have a problem with my rig.

all Cards are after the update from Teamredminer are very cool. Just one Card has high Mem Temp. I dont understand why this happens.

The Micron Ram always gets higher than the Samsung Ram but the other Micro Ram still runs at a low Temp too.

Maybe somebody can help me.

Still the Same problem, can anybody help me? :confused:


If anyone has the same problem, i found whats matter.

On this too hot Card i got a different Riser with PCI-e 6 Pin.

On all other Cards i have Molex Riser.

After i changed the riser to another Card , the temperature on the Hot Card dropped immediately and the Temperature of the new Card went higher.


Maybe this is interesting for the community.


Okay it wasnt the Riser…the Card is still too high in Temperature.

Anybody has some tips for me what i can do?

All other cards running very smooth

I have the same problem.

Buy a thermal grizzly minus 8 pad, 100 x 100 x 2.0 mm, and replace the stock thermal pads. I’ve done this on 6+ 5700 xt that were running 88-94 degrees, and it’s decreased the temps to 74-84 degrees.

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