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XFX 5700 XT Optimization


I have one XFX card with very high power consumption. Does anyone have a config for this card; I have bios modded the card (with 1550 straps) but the power is still high.

The HiveOS power report is “fake”. The only relevant power measurement is at the wall. I found that a Nitro+ and the XFX III draw the same power at the wall, but HiveOS reported about 25W more for the XFX.

Regard the entire thread about these GPUs at and

Thanks @AlleyCat, at the wall the entire rig consumes 1.15kW on the wall. I haven’t had the time to test individual cards (i.e. XFX and Nitro respectively) to see the power drag of each. Perhaps I will run some tests on this at some point to know if this applies to my rig too or something else entirely.

holy crap, that is a crazy thread.

That’s actually not too bad and about right for the XFX cards. Looks like I have the same cards on one of my rigs - only slightly lower consumption and hashrate. Rig pulls 1010 watts from the wall on average. Same settings on a couple of other cards on another mixed rig does 54.x with the same wattage per card.

Do you have a mooded BIOS or is it default?

Modded. Actually just went through the igor’s links above again, noticed I’d made some mistakes with my previous attempt. Current stable settings below - 1105 watts at the wall. Hive reports 1189 watts, so there’s a slight discrepancy there.

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