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XFX 470 8 GB Hyinx

I encounter a problem with my XFX 470 8GB Hynix memory, invalid shares and I can’t solve it.
I tried:
*Tried other riser and only this GPU on the power supply - Invalid Shares Present

  • Tried other miners - Invalid Shares Present
  • Stock bios with stock settings - Invalid Shares Present
  • Lower Memory clocks and core clocks - Invalid Shares Present
  • Bios mod and try different OC like core clock 1150 with 1850 memory also 1100 with 1750 - Invalid Shares Present
    Below a screenshot with the GPU in question:

Remove the dpm states. For all cards with 1100 core clock use core voltage 800-825. Use memory clock 2000 atleast.

If I use 2000 with 1100 and core voltage at 800-825 the GPU is unstable and the rig just restarts.

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