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X99A Godlike Gaming Problem mining slot N2

Hi guys,

I just have a problem mining with my X99A godlike gaming motherboard. The mining rig doesn’t recognize any Gpu on slot N°2 from top (see picture PCI_E2). Can you guys help me with that please?

My Rig:

Cpu: 5820k

Mobo: X99A Godlike Gaming

4gb ram

120gb ssd 850 evo

1200w + 1000w corsair platinium psu

6x rtx 3070

Hive on Linux

Here is what I did:

I have enbled 4g decoding and set ALL pcies to gen2.

Set pci Latency timer to 96.

I have no integrated graphics on my 5820k so no graphic options in the bios.

I have check the connections and riser and they work fin as well as I plug them in another slot than the numbe 2 from top.

I have not tried yet to put an adapter on the m.2 slot to see if it is working as I am waiting for the adapter delivery.

Does is have something to do with the switch (see picture with 5 gpu and pcie lanes)?

Or with 28 pcies lanes due to having a 5820k?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help, would be really appreciated !

Wishing you all a great day.

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