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X5 6600 rig, cant get more than 2-3 days runtime on ETC. Long post

New HiveOS user here, been on Hive for probably about 4 weeks now. got it up and running quickly from the start but have had nothing but issues since. sorry for the long post, but feel i needed to explain all my struggles…

So to start off, I have ran this x5 6600 rig since about December on windows with LOLminer (nicehash stratum) and Afterburner for OC, ran great for months. I would reboot every 7-10 days just because I felt that was a “good” thing to do, and it just ran like a champ! 28.ish MH each, 144 MH total rig. Then i started having issues with windows (shutting down, deleting files/miners etc) so i decided to take the leap to HIVE rather than go through the headache of windows/AMD cards again.

Flashed HIVE to a new Kingston SSD, and was up and running fairly quickly mining ETC to HiveON pool with Gminer. right away i started noticing ALOT of reject shares, was below 70% accepted ratio…so i did some research and found people saying reject shares are a internet issue. While i know most people are hardwired, i am a Wi-Fi user because the rigs Mobo has a blown ethernet port, so i was using the TP-link nub usb adaptor for Wi-Fi and I’ve always had issues with those if they were to far away from the router. I had a spare TP-link high gain antenna style dongle to try so i plugged that in, and hoped and prayed it worked…PROBLEM SLOVED! and was off like a prom dress for about 36 hours :unamused:

SO, now i was having issues with “GPU driver Error, No Temps” along with random “miner uptime” OFFLINE status. it would run 12 hours and crash, 24 hours and “error”, 8 hours and “OFFLINE” etc etc. on to MORE RESERACH, Some people said clocks, some said update OS, some said Temps to high on memory. But one that stood out the most was ALOT of people said “Flash another SSD or USB”. i didnt believe this was the problem, so i tried all other suggestions first and came up with the same problem, at this point i think the longest the miner uptime was 32-40 hours or so. SO I GAVE IN, reformatted and flashed a spare Samsung 1tb SSD i had (overkill) just to try it out and BAM PROBLEM SLOVED!! NO more “GPU driver error” or random OFFLINEs! :grinning:

switched and started mining to Nicehash for 7 days straight! no issues other than a fair amount of rejects (99.7% accepted ratio) along with some invalid shares on a couple cards, which was odd because once i switched Wi-Fi dongles i was 100% on ETC/HiveON.

SO NOW, i switched Back to ETC/HiveON yesterday. miner was up for 1 day and 10 hours and BAM, random miner OFFLINE. so HARD restart (can only HARD RESTART when this happens, and monitor must be plugged in) was back up for 4 hours, and “GPU driver error” AGAIN!!!

IM VERY FRUSTRATED at this point, and im about ready to go the windows route again. i have 2 other nivida rigs running windows and Wi-Fi just fine for DAYS…just wanted to try Hive on these AMD cards since everyone said AMD runs better on HIVE.

-x5 XFX 6600’s (hynix)
- Core: 900
- VDD: 620
- VDDCI: 620
- MVDD: 1100
- MEM : 950

  • Hashrate: 29.36-29.40 MH each, total rig 146.9-147MH

  • Temps, Core: 39-47, MEM: 55-62 (all cards, depending ambient temp)

  • Drivers: 20.40 (5.11.1001)

  • OS version: 0.6-215@220409 (I update regularly, about to update to 415 after this post)

  • ALL OTHER miners Crash almost instantly (redminer, Phoenixminer, lolminer) clocks and no clocks.

  • HARD REBOOT every time, with monitor only other wise doesn’t boot into hive at all! CAN NOT remote reboot, start stop miners etc. without monitor.

    Sorry for the long winded post, But ANY help at this point is much appreciated. any other info needed to help diagnose let me know.

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