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Wrong info from card, Asus dual rx5700


I have a 6 gpu setup with only AMD cards, see below. The issue is that card nr 3 seems to have wrong info on fan speed and possibly wattage?
It seems like 74% fan speed is the max it can go. I have tried to manually set it higher, but it wont show any higher. And can the wattage really be that low??

Anyone else have similar issus?

have you edited bios on this card? or maybe used MorePowerTool ? those can overwrite other settings

also you should never take wattage number on hiveos or any other miner/app in that matter seriously. they are sometimes way off

Thanks for reply, the card is 2nd hand. I think it were the original bios when i got it. but some values.
I have been modding the bios now for higher hashrate.

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