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Would like to Configure HiveOS with Cloud GPU is it possible?

To my expert folks, I watched the tutorials on HiveOS setup for mining and seems understandable. My question is I do not have any physical nVidia GPU and have been renting servers online. Can I configure an online GPU with terminal access to work with HiveOS???


HiveOS is a Cloud Managed solution of On Premises resources(CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC).

Not sure you are are going to get the efficiency results in that scenario or fall inline with licensing requirements.

Yes, I know it is to keep the question simple. I do not own any physical hardware except my labtop. However, I have access to hardware from external third party service providers (i.e. Contabo and others). My question is can I setup HiveOS for a cloud based GPU running on Ubuntuu and are there steps for doing this please??

If you have cloud assets, with full access to the underlying hardware resources, and can run a new native OS associated with those resources, it might work.

HiveOS would be like running an OS in a VM. It would not run on top of another OS, i.e. your Ubuntu example.

Thanks Grea would have wished if the HiveOS team can provide som eguidance on how this can be done. The cloud market is massive and there should be instructions on how to get this done from a worker configuration point of view.

Can’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

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