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Workers not visable, no access to workers

I dont have access to my worker in HiveOS. Im running the latest version of HiveOS, Everything was fine a few hours ago. When I login, it shows farm, I see my stats for the the (1) worker I have, but it says I have not workers. My 1 worker is not there to click on to manage. I did a reboot, nothing changed. Any suggestions? or is this just an issue on the HiveOS server? any help is appreciated. I cant not change miners or control the worker as it stands right now.

found a link to my farm / worker and the screen says, " Sorry, this page does not exist." ??? so my farm is visable but the worker’s page is GONE?

So I manage (2) other farms, and the same issue now.

same problem,

Glad to see HiveOS management ignores important questions.