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Worker Statistics Not Populating - ccminer-enemy

Stats are not populating on the Hive OS dashboard when I utilize ccminer-enemy (latest release), I’m using the latest Hive OS build with a fresh install. I’ve read some have had success with “api-allow”: “0/0” in the “Extra arguments for miner:”

miner-agent response: “Failed to read ccminer stats from localhost:4068”

Any suggestions?
Screenshot attached for reference

Miner Activity

Miner Settings

Updated to HiveOS [email protected] and ccminer-enemy 1.25.
Problem still exists.

Updated to HiveOS [email protected] and ccminer-enemy-1.26.
Problem still exists,

same problem but can be solved(?) with version downgraded like “selfupgrade 0.5-67”
for me still not possible to run cc-enemy for rvn in earlier day version.

Updated to HiveOS [email protected] and ccminer-enemy 1.27.
Problem still exists.

Other miners are reporting without a problem, any advice yet?

Poomthepzz - Thanks for confirming the same problem.