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Worker Overclocking Tab Won't load

Started this afternoon (9/23/2021) and it happens after selecting any worker and then going to the overclocking tab or clicking to open the overclocking window for all gpus in the worker. I see this problem in Brave and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Something went wrong :frowning:

No need for panic, though! The mining process isn’t affected. Please let us know about this issue - we will fix it as soon as possible.

Error details: 23-09-2021 22:10:30 -07:00 -584025161-


I have the same problem except a different error string.
Error details: 23-09-2021 23:21:59 -06:00 -723661181-
Though for me it only happens when trying to change overclocks on my phone (android) or when viewing the “popular presets” tab of the overclocking interface from a pc (firefox).

Same for me from any browsers or devices.
Error details: 24-09-2021 10:33:48 +05:00 -559467805-

The other posts I’ve found say to clear cookies and site data, but that doesn’t fix it for me.

Yep, that doesn’t work.

Clearing cookies didn’t work for me either. I tested on the android and I get a blank screen when I try to load the overclock settings.

same, works on 1 rig (5x nvidia) but doesn’t on another (1x nv, 2x amd) with 1 already custom rom

No need for panic, though!

ok, I panic now

Something changed. No more errors going into the overclocking as of 11:20PM PST. All good!