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Worker offline but still mining

Hey there!

My rig goes offline after a few hours of mining, but keeps mining on Ethermine.
I live in Argentina and I’m connected to the API because that’s the one that gives me less latency, the others show up as red…

I want to know what happens with autofan when my rig goes offline. Should I worry about overheating or I just leave it offline hoping it will recover anytime soon?

If you have any extra idea, let me know!

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When the rig goes offline, does it lose connection to Are there any serves it still can ping if so?

I should try the net-test command on the rig using a keyboard and a monitor to be able to answer to that…

Let’s wait for it to happen again and I’ll check!

Check your network. There’s Hive servers down EVERYWHERE.

Your servers are down. Rigs are no longer respecting DHCP settings. Here we go.

I think you are confused about what the api server mirrors do, how would hive gain any additional eth if the api server went down? Your net test screenshot shows the default servers are working just fine for you, did you manually select a mirror that is offline? if so, why?

DHCP settings are going to be a local issue, not a hive issue. Your router handles your ip assignment if you are set for dhcp, that’s nothing to do with hive.

The dashboard has been disconnecting from API all day. Stats keep disappearing and reappearing. Also reporting almost 40% less than the actual hash. I never stated that I switched API servers. I pointed out that your servers are down.

It’s a Hive issue if the settings are rejected over and over again. Same settings that have been present for over a year. Why were my DHCP settings changed to begin with? You guys are fiddling around with updates on the backend, or your servers and dashboard are broken. I’ve had this setup for a very long time. And I’m a network admin, I’m pretty sure that my network isn’t having issues. But thanks for the tips anyway. Focus on this:

If you’re having dhcp/ip assignment issues that would definitely impact all connections, local and external. Like I mentioned above, hive doesn’t assign ip addresses. if you’re set to dhcp, your router does that. If you’re having dhcp issues, check your router settings.

Dance in circles all you want. My devices and network are connecting just fine. If u see the connection from my router to my DNS, it’s under 1MS. I run a caching recursive resolver and I know EXACTLY what’s going on in my network. Here, have a look. Dance alone my friend.

ALL OUTBOUND queries FROM ANY DEVICE in my network are answered in under a millisecond and no other devices DHCP settings have been changed. Have a seat. The fact that you’re here trying to divert attention away from an issue says it all. Time to abort this convo. Have a great evening.

Can you elaborate on why you believe hives mirror api servers that you’re not using being offline are causing your local IP address/dhcp issues? I don’t see the connection?

I wasn’t able to see what was going on because when I connected the HDMI it won’t connect to the monitor. Seems to be that after being disconnected from the HDMI for a while it stops sending image through that port and it’s unable to wake up.

I noticed that I can’t turn it off by pressing the power button once (it would turn off with a single press under normal conditions). I had to hold it for a forced shut down.

I’m using USB, could this be causing the problem? I had it working sweet for more than a week nonstop, but later I started to face this connection problems. Weird is that it keeps mining…

Are you sure it continues mining? Ethermine only updates stats every 15 minutes, and a worker even offline will continue to show shares accepted for hours, tapering off slowly.

If the pc turns off instantly with a single press id wager it’s not still mining and the pc crashed altogether. What cards and clocks are you using?

100% sure it’s mining. Even after an hour of showing up as offline on Hiveon it was normally sending shares and hashing on Ethermine and reporting the same hashrate it was reporting when online.

As I said before:
UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS: PC shuts down with a single press to the pwr button (even mining).

WHEN I HAVE THIS OFFLINE WORKER ISSUE: PC won’t turn off with a single press of the pwr button, I have to force the shut down by pressing the button for several seconds.

Ah I thought you meant like instantly shuts down with a single click, like the behavior when the computer is in the bios, or post screen. I see what you mean, so a soft shutdown no longer works when the rig stops responding. Have you left a display connected before it becomes unresponsive?

Are you able to ping the device when it’s not responding? Able to use shellinabox? Etc?

What cards and what’s clocks are you running?


I was able to identify the error. It was a bad USB. I bought an SSD. Never going to use USB again.

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