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Worker name suffix template

Is there a way to use flightsheet to generate Wallet and worker template with wallet address and ipaddress suffix? For example, something like %WAL%.%IPADDR%

Are you using ASICS or Gpu/cpu rigs?

ASIC with Hiveon Firmware(Antminers)

For example you can use %WAL%.%IP_SAFEST%

And it will pass on your worker name as your ip address with x instead of . Ex 192x168x12.219

You can use any of the following:














Keep in mind some you’ll likely want to use one of the safe/safest methods as many pools don’t like having worker names with . In the name, let me know if that works for you.

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Are these macros also work at " template name for autocreated workers" in farm settings?

I don’t believe so, but if you would like to rename your existing workers you can use this command with any of the variables above expand_hive_templates %IP_SAFEST% > /config/HIVE_WORKER_NAME && hello

A smart usage. thank u for ur help. love u. :grinning:

No prob :grin:

Hi. bro. Is there some documents or references for all these variables list? they are so helpful for coding scripts.

Some here GitHub - minershive/hiveos-asic: Hive OS client for ASICs

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