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Worker goes offline

Hello, week ago my miner started to act strange. Maybe someone can help.

On every startup miner works normal for about 5 minutes and then Worker goes offline and needs manual restart. After restart again it works for few minutes and again worker goes offline.

This cycle repeates 3-5 times on every startup of the miner. After several restarts it works for days without disconecting the worker…

Its 12 gpu rx580 rig on latest hive os.

And this issue just started one day. I hadnt had it from the beginig. And setup is the same as it was before this issue came on…

I was having the same problem like this, what errors have you been seeing? I kept getting the “no temps” GPU error. After much frustration, I found out that one of my cards had decided to stop working and was causing the rest of the rig to crash. This could be what you are experiencing. As soon as I removed the faulty card I was hashing away again.

Anyhow, post what errors you are seeing on here, it will make it easier to identify the potential problem.

Well i had 2 issues. 9ne was that my ethernet cable was bad and anothe was power issue. Seems like psu couldnt provide enough power as when i added another psu to the rig and split the power between them all problems solved

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