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Worker goes offline every 7 days

hello everyone
i have problem with my rigs which is goes offline every 7 days at 19.00 o’clock, i have to reset it manually to work again till 7 days later any one knows a bout my problem
thank you

Do you have any smart plug connected or schedules set inside hive?

no i dont have any smart plug and schedules ,even the watch dog is on and do nothing for this time

if you connect a monitor to it when it goes offline what does it show? frozen completely, or just no internet?

actually i dont have monitor connected to rig ,is there any way to check what happened at that moment ?

Morning. Experiencing something similar here. Connected monitor indicates Miner appears frozen? Rig still running. Thiughts?

Are you on the latest stable image (kernel 110) with the latest drivers/miners etc? What cards and clocks?

I think I have it now. Just updated to NB41.5, N510.73.05. On HiveOS 0.6-217. Running Gigabyte Samsung SDDR6 3060TI LHR at 1440 core pulling 62.3 Mh each. Stable now for almost 12 hours. I’ll reach back out if needed. Thanks!