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Worker dies

my worker crashes and loses MSI 1080ti card (Always MSI card) when adding 8th card. works fine with 7 1080ti cards. (all cards are 1080ti)
It always loses an MSI card if I replace with Asus it will crash mith the next MSI card (i have 3 MSI)

Are you sure your board supports 8 gpus? Do you have all the proper bios settings changed?

Yes the board is a BTC-S37 card with 8 card slots and it works for about one minute and then it restarts over and over again. Strange is that it always stops on a msi 1080ti card. is there any logfile to examine?

Is there any chance that the farm tries to send something that is not good. Is there any command to erase all and start miner from scratch?

This is what it loohs like

my rig crashed also with other type of GPU, when i had no settings. At first, you maybe should configure core and clock and then try to add the 8th GPU.
I think its an power consumption problem when there are no settings set.

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