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Withdrawal of ETH in the wallet

Good time everyone!
In the wallet, they write the following:
“You can only deposit these currencies through the ERC-20 (Ethereum) network. Deposits via other networks are not supported.”
Question: Can I receive ETH from hiveos at

ETH is ERC20 so you should be able without a problem.

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Thanks for the answer! But while I was writing my question, the money left the hiveon pool and a message appeared that ETH would be sent at 7:33 GMT. But this time it is 8:31 am GMT, and there is nothing on the wallet. What to do? I’m a newbie and don’t know yet how long it takes to send ETH to a wallet.

I think it should be 9.33 GMT but dont know exactly. all you left to do is wait. because you cant dont anything actually. check again if you have correctly entered the address in the wallet.

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Thank you for the reply! Yes, I agree with you, everything is arranged in such a way that it is only a matter of waiting. But the deposit is always very fast and without any problems))

deposits are always fast. when they need to get your money they do fast. when someone has to give you money is the waiting :smiley:

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The balance on the wallet is zero. Does this mean that the coins have gone nowhere? Or were they left in the pool where they could go? How to understand where the earned coins went in the Hiveon pool?

go to hiveos pool and then go to the payouts tab. there below are listed last 30 transactions. you should see it there. check if the address to which the payment is sent is the correct one.

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I looked, there is nothing there. I wrote to the telegram Telegram: Contact @hiveon_ru. They answered like this:
If you change the wallet address, then the payment is postponed until August 28, when the total amount reaches 0.01, then the payment will go to the new address.
Tell me, what is your native language?

bulgarian. so i guess you should wait until 28th to get paid.

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I agree. Will wait

I also want to work with Bitavo, but did I succeed with Bitavo or did I not receive a deposit?