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With Free Electricity, How Would You Choose?

Recently, the Iceriver series of miners has been gaining a lot of attention, which has also piqued my interest. However, it has also made me aware of the potential risks associated with it. I am just starting to get into mining, and I consider myself fortunate to have access to free electricity. Nonetheless, I am concerned about the noise levels. My budget ranges from $1000 to $2000, and a friend suggested that I consider purchasing the KS0 miner. But I wonder if it might be too late to invest in the KS0 at this point.

According to data I found on f2pool, the current daily output of the KS0 is $25.79. I could also check its lowest price on asicfinder, which is listed at 730 USDT.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Is purchasing the KS0 miner a risk worth taking, or are there better options available? I would greatly appreciate any valuable advice you could offer.

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I don’t do asics, however I think the ones that can mine various algos instead of just 1 are the best ones. It allows you to change coin in case the project of said coins doesn’t go well in the future… that’s my advice after mining crypto for 4 years.

Free power should have you looking at the cheap older less efficient miners, not new ultra low power ones

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kaspa is bound for a major change. Gpus will probably be unable to mine it, but asics won’t be doing well either. Their profitability will be dropping and the payback period will increase For instance the KD-BOX was doing 100/d not too long ago, and now these are unprofitable.

Even btc asics don’t last long before they are unprofitable. However, with free electricity the profitability lasts longer, and you can get them cheaper. That said, gpu cards are cheaper and you can chase whatever is profitable or a good coin.

Also remember asics are loud and hot. So if you are mining at home, you might hate them.

Whatever you get, don’t do it for their current profitability (unless these get paid soon), but rather what gives you the best bang (hr) for the dollar. Mining isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but long term

I forgot there is another option fpga. Not all the coins are mineable with these, but they are a step between gpu and asic. Also more flexible than asics

See GitHub - todxx/teamredminer: AMD GPU Optimized Cryptocurrency Miner

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This is a response from that I consider fits this topic. This is from a user named KrisZ on a thread about the ks0. He was talking about future hashrates for KAS.

"Vipera Tech has ordered 1500 ks3’s. That’s 12.45 petahash right there.

Now let’s assume other distributors and farms have another 2500 units. That’s a total of 4000 Bitmain ks3’s.

Now let’s say IceRiver makes 1000 ks3’s.

That’s a total of 5000 ks3’s, which equals 41.5 petahash.

And that’s not all.

IceRiver has orders for 100 ks3L’s from one person, which is another half a petahash. Then when you factor the ks0’s 1 and 2, you can add another 3 petahash.

So this equals around 45 petahash. Plus the existing hashrate equals around 47.5.

Then you have to keep in mind that the block reward will decrease every month, and a lot of asic sell pressure, (Around 600,000 a day).

So let’s say kaspa’s price is around 2.8 cents, and the reward per second is 185. Hashrate is 47.5 petahash, a ks3 makes $75 a day, before electric.

So for the ks0, that would equal to 90 cents a day, pre power.

Then a few months later. BAM. New ks3 batch hashrate increase to 80 petahash. So then it makes 50 cents a day. Assuming the price is the same. 2.8 cents. It could go up too .04 cents or all the way down to .017 cents.

So don’t expect it to make more than a dollar. Aim for around 50 cents."

I would say its probably a pretty good prediction about the future of what the KS0 could be making in a few months.