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With 3 MSI 3070ti rig works ok, But with 4 cards; Outages begin

Hi friends. I am new in this field. I made a rig with 4 msi 3070ti. from the begining where were lots of rebooting in my rig. Actually I lose half of our time. But 3 times I made a test. I took a graphics card out of the circuit. And every things got well, I repeat that with different cards and I got the same result. I mean my rig works good with 3 cards. But with 4 cards I have lost of problems.
Can you say me what is the problem.

Do you have all the hive recommended motherboard bios settings changed? If not do this first.

You’re on an old version of hive, and old miner version, whenever you have any issues it’s always best to start fresh with the latest stable image and updated software. Run hive-replace -s -y in the shell to flash the latest stable image, then if you continue having crashes click on the driver error and look which card is causing them, reduce the mem clock on that card and reboot.

Make sure you’re using locked core clocks (values above 500) and not core offsets.

Thank you Keaton
Af first I started with my mother Board config.
It is Gladiator esonic B250. But when I entered its Bios setup, I saw an old and classic bios setup that doesnt have any recommanded configuration titles : Like PCIe and …
What should I do?

Keaton , Where are you ?

Keaton :roll_eyes:

Did you try the things I said to try?

I am in Turkey. Sorry for this late. We changed our home and this made this lateness.

I will do this to night and I will say here. Thank you so much Keaton

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