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Will hive pool payout balances under 0.1eth after the ethereum merge and when mining is stopped for ETH?

Many of us are thinking that we wont get payed out if we don’t have 0.1 ETH in our balance when the Ethereum merger happens. Can the Hive team confirm that we will be payed out all of our funds when the merger happens even if our balances are below 0.1 Eth?

K thnkx

there is still long time to the merge, i am sure Hiveon pool will pay everyone.

yep, unpaid balances will be paid out when eth goes POW

Min threshold is now .005 eth for manual withdraw

It would be good if Hive had that on their FAQs. That would put a lot of us at ease.


There will be a eth minimum required for payments?

You can set payout threshold manually as low as 0.005 ETH right now. Manage your own destiny.

Yep, .005 as @grea mentioned, even if you have a single gpu you should have no problem reaching that in the next 3 weeks.

Thanks for the info. How do I request a manual withdraw? I don’t seem to be able to find the “payout tab” mentioned in the FAQ.

Are you looking on the pool dashboard?

Yes I believe I am. Where I monitor my farm.

put your wallet at the end

hiveos is where you monitor your farm, hiveon pool dashboard is where you see your pool stats/make manual withdraw requests. is where the pool is