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Wifi wont see any networks

I have a Wifi dongle (USB WiFi Adapter for Mac Linux TV-Box Raspberry-Pi Windows, Plug Play, 150Mbps | eBay)
When i plug into HiveOS and type ‘wifi’, hive sees it but says
State: no-carrier and when scans finds no networks
I hav econfigured my ssid & password correctly.

Can anyone help?

Are you booting with the wifi dongle installed? What kernel are you on?

Booting with dongle in? Yes.
If i type wifi and set ssid & password it saves password, scans networks but finds nothing.
I have never used linux/ubunt before sorry, i am a noob, not sure how to lookup kernal ver…

I read somewhere ubunto wifi doesnt work, is that true?

you can try editing the wifi.txt in the network folder on the root of the hive drive with your credentials. are you sure wifi reaches to the rig location?

im using 20+ rigs on wifi using a mix of different wifi adapters personally so yes wifi does work

I have done that too.