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Wifi does not work in versions 225,227, but works in version 222

The system is installed on a HDD from the image taken from the resource The driver for my wifi adapter is installed and works, on the command of “wifi” all the networks can be visible, after choosing any of my networks I get the message “carrier”, but then I get “network is not connected” or something like that.

Try resetting your router and rig and try again

I’m trying to say that 222 is the latest working version for usb wifi network adapters. I don’t know how PCI or PCIe adapters will work, I don’t have them, but most likely, that is, that is, most likely, they will also not work. Someone knows the commands for connecting the network manually if the driver works correctly and wpa supplicant is installed? it would be possible to read the documentation on the operating system (ubuntu), but I don’t have so much time.

Im using some usb wifi adapters on latest stable and latest beta without issue. What adapter are you using and what chipset does it use?

I’m using TP-LINK TL-WN725N