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Wifi and ethernet down - can only connect via 4G hotspot

Hi guys and girls

I joined Hive a few days ago having been on Nicehash for over a year now.

Since swapping over I just cant seem to get an internet connection working even though the rig itself has not changed at all other than going from Nicehash on Windows to Hive on Linux.

I can get it to all connect if I run my mobile phone as a hotspot but standard wifi or ethernet cable and its not happy.

Im on Sky broadband with their router for the house however I then have a wifi extender and network switch to get internet to the rig with Hive on it.

Are there any known issues with Sky broadband, TP link RE450 extenders or TP link SG105E network switch before I strip the rig down to move it round the house testing ?

Does your motherboard have a 2.5gb nic? If so make sure your bios and hive image are on the latest available. Are you able to connect to the network at all? If so, run net-test and paste the output here.

I’m not exactly sure what that is in all honesty as I’m new relatively new to building computers and this is my first rig.

Net test was showing an issue with the local gateway believing it to be a firewall or hardware issue.

The current only way I’ve found to get it to work is to load hive, connect using WiFi via a hotspot on my phone and then once running plug in the Ethernet cable and turn the hotspot off.

This makes me think it’s a handshake / bios / port issue possibly but I don’t know about any of them in any depth !

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