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Why the flight sheet change worker name even when i put %worker name raw%?

please help me when i put ( . ) on worker name on flight sheet it convert to ( _ ) automatically

Can you post some screenshots

as you can see my worker name include a dot but the flight sheet show it with _ ??

I see what you’re trying to do, periods are not an acceptable part of a worker name to be passed on. You want to change your wallet address to your subaccount and your rig to the worker name you want to show up.
Then use %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%

no sir the wallet is okay i have problem with the worker name the binance pool demande that the worker field contain worker.001 for example rigyasser.001 but the flight sheet keep changing that dot ( . ) to ( _ ) and this this not acceptable by pool of binance

Try what I said, binance calls the account name “worker name” and the worker name “rig id”

In hive:
Set the wallet as your binance worker name, sounds like yours is rigyasser.

Set the worker name to the number of the rig, 002.

Then when you use %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME% you will get the desired result of rigyasser.002

its solved sir thanks to you so much for your help i appreciate