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Why " sw power cap" is active?

I have 2 3080ti and I cant get more than 82~83 . I check nvidia-smi -q -d PERFORMANCE and I see my SW power Cap is active. what the reason ? and how can I deactive it?

also my performance state is P2 how can I change it to P1?

Do you have Power Limit entered as in this “305”?

Hi Grea
yes I have Power limit, of course its almost high, I put it based on others setups, “350”

That high really won’t matter, have you tried to removed it to see if that “power cap” goes away?

I make power limit 300 and remove it but no difference.

Having the same problem on RTX3090 MSI VENTUS 3x OC card…

SW Power Cap = Active

Cards won’t accept any PL settings given to them, no matter what I try.
Try some OC settings, does not change anything.

How can SW Power Cap be removed/disabled permanently on noted card?

Note, running Nvidia driver 495.44

You need to put the PL to the Maximum wich is 366 for a msi 3090 ventus i think

Anyone solved this “SW Power cap Active” status?
I have 2 rigs with 6x 3080 ti cards and on both rigs there are 2 of them with active power cap… That limits core clocks, which are very low (below 1000) and that results in lower hash power.
Tried also flashing EVGA VBIOS, using drivers 495.44 and doesnt solve this issue.

Yes, you have to put the PL to the maximum, in your case it is 365w

I tried with PL 0 (no limit) and with max value (366W) and SW Power cap is still active. Didn’t find solution for this yet…

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