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Why "logged" status cannot be ketp?

since this new version of login screen appears, the logged-in status cannot be ketp for long, before the new version, once I logged-in I will not be logged-out unless I logged into too many devices, but now, even logged in only one device, I cannot keep the logged status, sometimes I have to type the username, password for five to six times to relogin


Have you found anything on this? It’s been happening to me too and it’s driving me crazy. So annoying. I was thinking everyone else would be posting about it too but I haven’t seen much. Surely it’s not just us having this problem lol


Yep, same here


Same problem here. I’m being logged out by system frequently. I need to login 5-6 time a day which was not a case previously. It’s annoying.

Is it a bug, SW problem or intentionally?

I dont want o be logged out by system.
You should find or offer a solution to this…


Same problem, the “remember me” option seems to be a bad joke.

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Same here. It’s very annoying

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Same here. Has anyone placed a ticket for this issue?

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I came here exactly for this . This new login screen (and whatever change is associated with it in the backend) needs to be fixed. Everytime I want to check my stuff, I have to login again and for that I need to go fetch my phone for the 2FA code. This is beyond annoying.

Even setting an auto refresh doesn’t keep the session open.

Same here

Figured I’d check in, and say yes. this is happening to me too, and it’s annoying as all hell.

We’re aware of the issue and working to resolve it.


Very happy to hear this is a bug and not a feature! I like to take a quick glance throughout the day and this throws a wrench in that use case. Thanks for working on the issue!

Any news on solving that bug? I’m still having logouts issues…

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