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Why is everyone mining with 3080s?

I have noticed everyone is mining with the newer cards like the 3070s and 80s, but revenue is directly related to hash rate. The 5700 has a significantly higher hash rate per dollar (Market Value $1700+). What are the long-term factors?

It would be more cost-effective to buy 11 5700s than 6 3080s with similar power usage. I don’t understand this.

RX 5700 runs very hot, you need to do bios mods for it to run cooler by undervolting. The RTX 3070s and 80s are very economical with much higher hashrate and can be used out of the box with setting absolute core clock its wattage drops down and runs very cool as well.
It support much more algorithms so i think these are preferred.
One more reason for example myself would be to have the 3080s is that i may not be able to accommodate 5700s because it need more space.

3080s/70s have much less footprint and not to mention they will sell quickly if one decides to and more likely to give you profit.

This is my view but other might differ.

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