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Why Hive does not implement every other shitsome miner

Hive team is asked to implement this or that miner almost every day.
Here I will explain why we don’t do this until it becomes popular.

Please look at the above screenshot. This coin gives +30% profit comparing to ETH at the moment I write this. tdxminer is doing this on RX cards. Great, awesome.

Our 8 GPU rig gives 22 Mh on lyra2z algo. Total nethash is 204 Ghs (204 000 Mhs). So there is around 204 000 / 22 = 9200 miners. THIS IS THE WHOLE NETWORK FOR THIS COIN!!! Roughly 10k miner at most.

So the guy who is asking “please add tdxminer” does not have calculator or understanding what will happen next. We need just 3k miners more to get your profit down to ETH profit level. -30% from XZC profit. So asking to add this miner is like to enjoy your food alone and then call for friends and shit on table.

Mine it alone until everybody find this gem. Be happy.

And we already have a past story with lolminer and optiminer. Remember the hype with MNX coin? Hive chat was terrorized with “oh please god add this super profitable miner”. MNX difficulty raised to the sky after a week Hive added it. optiminer is now used by 0.01% of all hive users. One hundred of percent!

So please be careful with your desires.

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So what your implying there is we are better to ditch hiveos and use windows instead because hiveos won’t implement mining software in the fear it becomes unprofitable?

Expect more and more of this due to the Equihash ASICs. GPU miners are searching for more profitable ways to mine. Want it to go away? Ditch support for Asics, otherwise GPU miners need to become more and more flexible as they take over main algos.

ASICS are cancer to the whole cryptocurrency world, and are a good contributor to the reason everyone’s profits are taking nosedives. Equihash as a algo is finished and you can thank bitmain for that. Hiveos is pretty good at catering for the mass market with mining software inclusion but to the read the op it seems they don’t want to add miners unless this hiveos person is not speaking for hiveos actually.

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@cya the good miners are linux only. Having them on 1-click setup will surely get more users to Hive, thus more earnings for the administrators, but it will skyrocket the coin’s difficulty and destroy the said profits.
Frankly, setting up a new miner is not that hard and most people with a brain instead of a potato should be able to do it. Even the huge farms can deploy a new miner using a relatively simple bash script. Yes, there will be no monitoring or 1-click setup on the dashboard, and you’ll have to monitor everything manually - but that’s the price you’ll have to pay when you want more earnings.

I support the admins’ decision on not implementing the new miners.

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Guess it’s time to go look at alternative operating systems then :slight_smile: way to go on losing customers!

My comment on this subject.

We decided not to add all the miners in a row, but only popular ones. On the one hand, this will clutter up the disk space, and with the other the loss of time for the developer. We constantly monitor trends and update old software, delete what has lost its relevance and add new software.
From time to time people ask us to add this or that miner.
This happens during HYIPs, after which almost nobody uses the miner. For example, we were very much asked to add a lolminer and an optiminer during the HYIP to the MNXcoin, we added it, the hype passed and now the share of these miners is only 0.01% …
Currently, we are seriously busy preparing the release of HiveOS 2.0 but we want to add users the ability to add “custom miner” and carry out integration into the system. This is in the roadmap and that’s all for now.
To be honestly we don’t have a common opinion on this matter - it’s may be way to add custom miner (but as you write you don’t like this way), or accessible only for payable accounts, or maybe like plugins from web store …
Also we preparing Hive GPU client for … Windows (yes it is!) And as you probably know for Windows exist miners only for this operating system. So we need to solve this too.

We’re glad to hear opinions of our customers to realize a solution that will suit all of us.

@HaloGenius thanks for further clarifying the situation, i am very excited to hear about the HiveOS 2 and the features like the custom miners as you described. Disk space is a very valid issue regarding new miners as everyone is on flash disks, however couple of points you may need to consider:

  1. I believe your main strength is the fact that HiveOS’s team is very responsive to the industry and very much up to date with the crypto mining sphere. This is possibly one of the main reasons i am a strong advocate of HiveOS and provide support for hive platform to my fellow miners in our small community. For example the number of updates or your latest integration of the aggressive OC is a clear evidence of your dev’s capabilities and their level of competence on the subject. Unlike similar platforms that exists out there, i am happy to pay you the monthly fee for the facilities i am getting.

  2. in the case of tdxminer, the question is not just one shitcoin miner but an algorithm such as Lyra2z which is on the rise with hundreds of miners and many Ghs of hash power already on it. lolminer is for one coin (MNX) on one algorithem (mars), but lyra2z is many coins (VTL, GIN, MCT, XZC etc etc) so its safe to assume its here to stay.

  3. I dont believe SGMINER (djm34) which is the only miner on the AMD cards supporitng lyra2z either works with these new coins or offers the best performance. In the absence of a reliable miner for this new algorithm, its best that you would offer an alternative. I was only forced to get tdxminer integrated manually to my rigs because i failed to get sgminer to work on lyra2z. You could either provide a support page for getting sgminer-djm34 to work on an average rx580 card, or at least think of a solution for your customers.

I knew nothing about your platform’s internal structure but i managed to get tdxminer integrated to HiveOS fully with the hashes and fans etc integrated on the dashboard, all in an afternoon’s work, so i dont think it will take much of your dev’s time. Basically its exactly like what you’ve done with lolminer by using Helper scripts and reading off log files for the latest stats as tdxminer does not provide telemetry API.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time and replying to me. I wish i could offer my manual tdxminer integration to other Hive users, however i am afraid of all the follow up questions and any possible failures so i wait for you guys to properly implement it in your platform.


I have gotten TDXMiner to work in place of DSTM just as you did, but cannot figure out how to get the agent to display the stats. Can you share just that part of it?


This isnt what Hive is built for. Hive is meant for farms with large operations to deal with large amount of rigs. Yes hobby miners use it as well but thats not the primary focus. In this case the big farms arent speculative mining, changing miners and algos every other week. They stick to a coin for months on end. Basically what im saying is if you are finding small gem coins to mine then yes use windows. And theres nothing wring with that

In fact, in this respect, something has changed.
HiveOS presents “Custom miner” feature which gave an enthusiast the ability to quickly adapt the required miner with full functionality and display statistics.