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Why hasn't Hiveon made a statement on London Fork?

Hey guys, I see ethermine has a statement on what is going to change after the london fork regarding fees etc…

Hiveon hasnt issued anything and the fork is 1 day away.


Agreed. With such an important update coming within hours it seems as though 2miners and a couple of others are the only ones ready for the update. Unbelievable that HiveON devs have made ZERO effort to keep us posted. They also aren’t very transparent when asked tough questions concerning profit discrepancies in their pool. Might be choosing another pool soon.


Getting 100% MEV rewards

Awesome. How childish of them to post on Facebook but not send emails to their users. Who still uses Facebook? No one that’s seriously into tech and values privacy. That’s for sure.

I guess all pools will give 100% MEV to miners from now on.