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Why do you charge me more?

I am being charged more, as I understand it, if you have two workers it is free, why am I being charged for the 3?

the “start” tier lists 1-2 workers are free without any stipulations, once you get to 3 or more rigs you will be on the “personal” tier, which is billed for all workers.

if you’d like to maintain the free “start” tier, you can turn off one of the rigs and your dashboard pricing should update within 24 hours.

Seems like the same thing has happened to a lot of people that were mining with 3 workers for free before the new 11th of March HiveOS pricing update, in my case, I got charged for $0.19 per day even with only 2 workers after I’ve deleted one (for more than 48 hours ago), I had to contact support to fix it.