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Why can't I login on home page

This is all i get when trying to login on the web browser with Windows, password and login box never shows? What is going on? I’m having to do everything on the Android app.

This is the same for me since a couple of weeks.
I was using Firefox since 3 years, then it started to mess around 2 weeks ago. When I was trying to log I was receiving the message “Internal Server Error”. It was working after cleaning the cache.
Now, even I clear the cache it doesn’t work. I tried opera, it worked only one time, now nothing, still the same message “Internal Server Error”. I tried Edge, it doesn’t work neither.
I think it is time for me to find an alternative of HiveOs. It was very nice, very many things but now, it is too much for me. I fed up spending 1 hour for connecting in order to see my miners status and having no support.

Try incognito mode, does it work that way?

I see your message only now. Thanks a lot it works.