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Why are these Gigabyte 3090's so bad?

So I have few 3090’s Equal EVGA FTW3 and Founders Edition and then the 3 Gigabytes. I took them off the board with the other 3090’s and gave them their own home because they were horrible with the other cards. Well, all by themselves they are even worse. Why are these three cards giving me so much problems. Are they just trash? Nothing has been different between all the cards. They have all been in the same room with the same temps and same run time. They have never ran efficient even day one out of the box. They were all purchased as new cards. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

poor clocks is your issue, and not enough fan speed.

change core clocks to 1150, fan to 100% and remove power limits.

post updated screenshot after

Much better thank you, One is just struggling a bit now. Maybe thermal pads need to be replaced?

do you have autofan set? if so turn that off.

I do have it on yes, I turned it off. Will update photos thanks

Yeah man seems solid as can be, Thank you soo much. Should that be my settings for all my 3090’s?

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yeah i would.
bump the memory up to 2500-2800, if its throttling or crashing lower until its stable. should be able to get close to 125mh out of each. you should be able to lower the core clock to aroun 1130 as well, that should be enough for 125mh, may take a few watts off too.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it

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I was ready to toss these gigabytes, The EVGA’s and FE’s came out the box at 119-120. I would just use popular presets just because I heard nightmares of cards turning into paper weights. But I was more frustrated at the fact they were mirror settings of the EVGA and FE but we’re complete garbage. I really appreciate all the help from @keaton_hiveon and yourself. Happy New Year


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