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Why a Windows Version?

Hi guys,

i just want to say i am not amused about putting developer time and power in a windows version. First is that HiveOS Linux has a lot of problems left like OV undervolting causes high power CPU load. Needs more power than windows e.t.c

Second is that a Windows miner to trouble shoot is not possible cause of different hardware, autoupdate e.t.c.

So why the hell you spend time in such a bad OS like Windows before make HiveOS stable.

It’s not your problem, where devs get time for Windows client

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I personally have a windows based rig and have learned to live with Windows issues and fix them when needed, which is not such hassle at the end of the day.

For me if the Hive team wants to work on providing Windows based solutions and softwares I find it more than welcome and really appreciate it.

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