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Who know how to open VNC on hive?

Got below alarm, when I try to connect, from same intranet, on Mac OS


Did you enable it in the settings?

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I think yes, and I have tried disable and enable, some times, no effect.

Does shellinabox work?

No, did not work.

alarm info




Shellinabox, not hive shell. But if you’re having issues with vnc and hive shell it might be faster to just start with a fresh hive install to rule out any software issues.

Shell In Box


Looks, cannot work, too.

address cannot be reached.

Hive Shell , Shell in a box, VNC, none of them can be used.

Also, I have tried firstrun -f no any efffect.

Did you try a fresh install? If it’s showing up in your dashboard firstrun won’t change anything.

Changed U stick, fully new fresh install.


Are you able to run selfupgrade From the shell?