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Which motherboard works with six RTX 3060 TI GPUS?

Hallo everybody,

I would to build a six GPU rig with RTX 3060 TI cards.

Do you guys have experience with building rigs with 3060s? Which motherboard is the most reliable one for six cards and HIVEOS Linux?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Hello, If you plan on using only 6 cards and not expand in the future, you can get away with mainstream boards like Asus z270-P. Otherwise, you will need mining specific boards such as Asrock H110 Btc+ or Biostar TB250 BTC PRO.

from my experience - Gigabyte H110 D3A (6 GPU), AsRock H110 btc+ (13GPU), Gigabyte Fintech, (12 GPU) Asus MiningExpert (no tested with more GPU) - all works fine with 3060TI

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