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Which Miner to Use for Ethereum?

I am currently running 3 x RX6600XT and 1 x RTX2060 in my rig.
I was mining Ethereum using Phoenixminer, but it can’t seem to run 24 hours without crashing and rebooting. I’ve switched to Gminer in my Flightsheet, but I see there are a number of options i.e. Ethminer, Bminer, lolminer, NBminer, etc.

Is one better than the other?

I run 24+ Polaris and Navi cards… All running on TeamRedMiner . Can recommend this.

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Thanks for the input.
I moved the single nVidia card to a separate rig. The AMD rig is now running TeamRedMiner, the nVidia rig is running nbminer.

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