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Which manufacturer/brand for my new RX580 mining rig?

Good morning all, I’ve decided to join the mining community :slight_smile: I’ve just purchased my first mining rig for £200 on facebook marketplace. Which was a bargain for the setup, only missing the GPU’s.

I’m going to install 6 RX580 GPU’s. Which are the best manufacturer/brands for maximum performance and power usage? I’m going to be running Hive OS mining ethereum.

Thanks, Chris!

Saphire. Its the best.

What’s your thoughts on the following too?


Thanks, Chris

Personally I would go with MSI RX 580 8GB Armor.

Why? They can be picked up for between £200-300. Keep an eye on FB marketplace :wink:

Out of the box they will do around 28MH. A simple BIOS flash will see them to 31MH.

They will run about 70C with 50-60% fan speed which some people say is far too hot but these cards are built to run hot.

They are cheap, reliable and plentiful.

edit with screen shot:

Thank you for the advice, it’s appreciated. Could you push it more to 32MH? I’ve seen some get around 75-85 watts power usage too, yours seems a little higher?

Thanks, Chris

My card is rx 570 and it runs 32.22 at 103watts and 52C temp. Its an Asrock with samsumg memory. Its a power beast. Bad sillicon.
My advice is to get what you can as cheap as you can. You can never know how long cards were used. And 70C is not ok with 40% fan speed.

My settings are 1168 core clock, 865 core voltage 800 mem cotroller voltage, 2150 mem clock , Ref rate 20.
With higher core and voltage and being smaller card than 580s with two fans this card does 52C temp… Dude your card is for cleaning.

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