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Which Hive OS Mirror is Best for me? Is it based on the physical location of your miners?


I’m trying to figure out which Hive OS Server is right for me. I assume I should choose the one closest to my gpu mining rigs physical location right?

I am located on the East coast of the USA, any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know where the servers are located? Or maybe its like a smart default and connects you to the closest server based on your IP’s physical location.

What about

Or Canada? If yes which coast? Canada is the largest country by territory in the world.

What country is MSK? for Moscow?

Thanks a ton! I know may seem like a noob inquiry but I want to make sure I’m not loosing any potential shares due to connecting to a server half way around the world as opposed to one thats 40 miles away.

R Khouri

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Run the “net-test” command from HiveOS console and choose the pool with the lower ping is just the RIG monitoring/setting address.

MSK should mean Minsk.


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