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Which 8GB card would you recommend? RX470/480/570/580

Which of these cards would you recommend? I want to keep the power consumption down and I know these cards differ some what in the wattage.

All 8GB
RX470 / RX480 / RX570 / RX580

Look forward to your thoughts and opinions…


Have a mixed of all of them, when properly tuned can maintained, they are all within 10% of each other and range from 29- 32MHs.(TeamRedMiner)

Cost of the GPU is going to be the largest factor, buy the best condition and proven units you can.

Some memory types are more tunable than others.

fwiw: 590’s seem to pull tons of wattage per hash. Still profitable, but more power and heat to manage.

fwiw2: I prefer to buy factory BIOS cards and decide later to Mod them or not, but have the factory BIOS to go back to. Even better if the GPU is dual bios.

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