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Which 1660Super to recommend?

Hi guys,

which 1660super would u recommend?
Gigabyte or for instance an Asus Tuf?
Which one has the better VRAM?


You won’t know what Vram will be inside before u get the card going.
But I don’t think it matters too much.
Most 1660 super/ti will settle around 32 MH @ 70-80 Watt.
Samsung tends to consume less power.
Just try and get one with 2 fans, although I have a HP card with 1 fan and even that one stays relatively cool.

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Thanks - got a gigabyte - with hynix and get 31,6mhs.
Happy with it. Watt is around 85W. If i go less the has drop to 29-30 so i guess 85w is the sweetspot.
my 5600xt is just taking 82w by 40,5MH.

What settings did u use?
My cards are between 70 and 80 Watt.
Maybe u can save some more energy.

On my hynix cards I’m using - 250 core - 1004 Mem and PL70
Although PL is set to 70, a couple cards draw 78W, but none is over 80 and they do ~31MH

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So looks mine. Had my first random crash after a day so i played a bit with the figures and those are now stable. Just added the super and another 5700.

I cant get down on the 1660s - as far as i drop the watt to 80 instead of 82 the hash goes down to 30 and below.

But i am happy now with those numbers and that they are stable. Guess its not too bad.
Will probably add a 3060ti soon.

When the riser extender arrives i need to swap the amd gpu with the nvidia one and put it to slot 0 cuz hive OS mentioned otherwise the system will crash.

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U can try lower the core, when core uses less power u can reduce PL.
But yeah, stability is key.

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