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Where to apply these commands?

I am trying to transfer the hiveos from my usb drive to ssd and I stumbled to this page I don’t know where to input those commands.

You need to be logged to a Linux terminal.

Boot your system with the flash drive, wait until the PC end the boot sequence and them you will see the command prompt there, after the #

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Can I do it in Hiveshell remote access?

yes, you can

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Nope. I always get an error message if I choose one of the options. something about “XXXXXXXX not found. Press any key to continue”

Does anyone know how to actually make this actually work?

Can someone show a tutorial, with pictures, that DEMONSTRATES that it is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE to boot to an ACTUAL LINUX instead of “get lost, you are missing something and we have no idea what it is or what to do about it, press any key to admit defeat.”

OR something that demonstrates how to do it via the internet or through my LAN. Until I see pictures and a step-by-step, I have no evidence to support that anything about the HiveOS I put on my USB stick has anything to do with a universe where such basic commands could be accessed:
A) format SSD and get rid of the Windows crap off of it.
B) Put HiveOS right on the SSD
C) all without removing said SSD, which is actually hot-melted in place by the factory of my mining rig.

Anyone? Has anyone got any proof, not just sightings that happened near Bigfoot when the Loch Ness Monster was lounging on a nearby beach.

IN FACT, It SHOULD be a fundamental and obvious tutorial that is obviously necessary to obviously tackle the obvious question: “How do I get the HiveOS onto an existing SSD WITHOUT having to get a soldering iron to melt the factory holding points and remove it to put it in an external drive to put the HiveOS on it?”

Remember, many of us get all-in-one barebones boxes that it would be patently stupid to mess with, and it would obviously be better to be able to just format SSD, write HiveOS to it, and be done with it, in an easy-to-replicate fashion.

sudo quit making this harder than it has to be.

It’s a computer. Surely someone who has to do with Hive should be able to hire someone to do such a tutorial if they do not know how to do it themselves.

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