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Where should I Mine to? Wallet Questions

I Have a Trezor Hardware wallet, I just got a week ago. I’m unsure if I should be mining directly to the Wallet on the Hardware device, or somewhere else, and then transfer it there.

What I’m concerned about (And I don’t know much about) is small transactions. Does it result in more fees when numerous ones are transferred at the same time?

How should I be doing this? Sorry for what may be stupid questions, I can’t find an answer.

Thanks so much.

Presently I’ve been sending to coinbase, and I transferred everything to the Trezor when I got it. Unsure as what to do moving forward.

anything transactions on the mainnet will cost a fee to transfer.

Yes, but say I have 100 $1 pieces of bitcoin, will there not be a LOT more than say 1 $100 piece?

are you mining/transferring bitcoin?

Currently Mining ETH, but getting paid in Bitcoin

Fewer transactions the better

Found this interesting